Exceeda is a pleasure to work with…their collaborative, hands-on and practical approach to Process Mapping and their ability to quickly identify and remove waste from the process has had a huge impact on our organization – saving time and effort. The team at Exceeda has the unique ability to break down a very complex process into manageable components that otherwise would seem overwhelming to tackle. They take the time and enjoy mentoring and teaching those willing to learn the process. We look forward to future working sessions with Exceeda.

–Kathleen Malin, VP Technology and Operations, RI Foundation

Fast and Focused

Kaizen means “change for the better” and is a fast and focused team-based improvement activity on a process. It is used to quickly identify and remove waste for improving efficiency and productivity in your business. Most current business processes are the products of work methods designed, added on to, tweaked, and reconfigured over numerous years and not specifically designed for efficiency. If you’re looking to uncover waste and find out how to best streamline your process then Business Process Mapping (BPM) and Value Stream Mapping (VSM) are the key.

Collaboratively with your employees, we will create a pictorial representation of your entire process and workflow, detailing actual steps taken, and highlighting all applicable interfaces, decision points, and information sources. We facilitate and construct the process map with high employee involvement in a non-threatening and collaborative environment. BPM takes a micro-view of your process and is used to redesign how work gets done while the VSM takes a macro-view of your process and used to optimize workflow.

With your employees we will construct a current state map, future state map, gap analysis and implementation plan. We will also help you implement the changes so you can eliminate waste, improve efficiency and maximize your productivity and profitability.

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