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Working with Exceeda was very refreshing. When the Exceeda team came in to work with our organization they were immediately a member of our team and fit into our culture. Exceeda was a cultural chameleon… they became active team members and helped guide our employees as peers and colleagues instead of a typical consultant that stands above without reproach. There is a difference between a consultant and a coach – Exceeda was truly a coach to our team members allowing them to make mistakes, grow and develop lessons learned. As a true partner to our organization, they helped us navigate our lean journey together by educating and empowering us to make the changes in our organization.

— Tim Hebert, Owner, Atrion Networking Corporation

Every office has the potential to achieve efficient flow throughout all of its processes but doing so requires deliberate effort. We start by tackling a few key areas within your business, those one or two processes that cause the continual headaches for you, your staff, or your customers. Call us to help you break the cycle of insanity…

Lean Office

Make Every Second Count to Improve Profitability

Our “Lean Office” is a specially designed improvement package including the most powerful Lean tools for the office environment. When implemented together, these tools are capable of yielding enormous gains in productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Using proven Lean tools and techniques, we can teach you to eliminate bottlenecks and business waste in your office environment.

  • Does your office have stacks of paper piled on every surface, cluttered workspaces and obsolete equipment and material?

    It is time for you to get organized!

  • Do you want to boost productivity and efficiency while reducing errors?

    Standardize your work! This is especially important for businesses operating with tighter budgets and smaller staffs.

  • Are your employees suffering from information overload?

    We can teach them how to use Outlook and other technology tools effectively.

  • Are technology investments decreasing employee productivity instead of improving it?

    We can teach you how to user your technology to streamline and go paperless.

Lean Office Tools

Paperless Filing
We work with your internal team to go “PAPERLESS” by developing and implementing a consistent “ELECTRONIC FILE AND FOLDER SYSTEM” for your files to improve efficiency and accuracy of data. Additionally, we work with the team to convert existing file structures, eliminate duplicate files, convert paper to electronic and eliminate paper files when possible.

6S-Workplace Organization
Implementing “6S-Workplace Organization” will lay the foundation for your Lean office. Employees will be able to find what they need, when they need it by organizing the workspace and knowing exactly where everything is located. Using this Lean tool will make your office more productive, cleaner and will raise employee morale.

Standardized Work
Standardization is an effective way to increase productivity and efficiency by defining expectations, formalizing processes, creating best practices and accountability. Standardization involves creating standard work instruction sheets (SWIS) that everyone can follow to complete tasks in the most effective sequential steps and is used for the purpose of reducing business waste. “Repeatable job equals repeatable results” where defects are eliminated and productivity improves as a result of the collaborative effort to identify your “best practices.”

Outlook Optimization
Employees today are drowning in a constant stream of information, email, text, cell phones…we can teach you how to use technology to increase your productivity, not reduce it. Effectively using Outlook can save your employees up to 50 minutes a day, enhance customer relationships through improved communication, and allow you to stay proactive. Let us show you how!

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