Exceeda Consulting recognizes the essential role of education in developing a learning organization. While the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma are somewhat intuitive, the most successful components have been developed over decades. Our instructors teach methodologies and lead participants into a deep understanding of Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques. We use methods that encourage debate between individuals with opposing viewpoints based on asking and answering questions to stimulate rational thinking and to illuminate ideas.

While learning will come from the exercises and concepts taught in class, deep understanding will come from actual application in the workplace. Training at your facility consists of two to four hours in a classroom and four to six hours spent hands-on applying the tools in the workplace.

All of our training is delivered by qualified instructors with years of experience in actual implementations. This helps to eliminate any doubts that “It can’t be applied here” and allows you to realize the benefits without expensive trial and error. We understand that no two customers are alike. Our training materials can be customized to the unique needs of any client…no cookie cutter solutions here. Most importantly, we keep it simple and non-threatening for the participants!

Conduct our free Lean Self-Assessment to determine the best next steps for your organization. Once completed, you can determine your roadmap for improvement.

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