“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”
–Nelson Mandela

We are proud to support the Tukongote Community Projects in Livingstone, Zambia through the Waterberry Community Projects. This great organization supports a number of educational projects in their local villages. Without their support, many children would not have the opportunity to attend school.

Their core support is for Tukongote Community Preschool. Waterberry’s involvement in educational projects began in 2009 with the sponsorship of a preschool teacher in the closest village. Her role was to teach the young children aged 3 – 6 who could not walk the 10km to the then nearest school. Classes were held in the old mud and pole church building. This was initiated by the community and their involvement was to support their efforts. Waterberry agreed to start supporting the teacher and helping with resources. Tukongote Community Preschool was born. The village chose the name “Tukongote” which describes the open billed storks as they fly off together in formation. Waterberry has now adopted this name as the umbrella for all its community projects.

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