What Our Customers Are Saying

Over the past 8 years I have partnered with the Exceeda team on several engagements. They are true leaders in the industry that have enabled transformational gains in every business in which they are deployed. What separates Exceeda from the pack is their approach to consulting. Their strong focus on mentoring and knowledge transfer have allowed businesses to sustain the gains and continuously improve long after the initial engagement. Most recently we worked with Exceeda in a large value stream that, after 10 years of utilizing lean principles, many thought it was “as lean as possible”. Exceeda helped us “see” the waste and together we crafted solutions and implemented the “future state” utilizing advanced lean theory. Double digit percentage gains in KPIs have translated to direct positive impacts to the P&L and cash flow. Whether you are new to Lean or employ an internal team of Master Black Belts, I highly recommend Exceeda!

Exceeda was a great partner in our Lean Transformation. The pace that was set was comfortable but at the same time challenged our employees. The team at Exceeda was outstanding. The results have been felt throughout our company but more importantly our customers. The focus on process stability and continuous improvement drove significant change in our on time delivery, quality, and cost. The excitement and engagement of the associates on the shop floor is contagious and will ensure that our improvements will be sustained.

Exceeda is a pleasure to work with…their collaborative, hands-on and practical approach to Process Mapping and their ability to quickly identify and remove waste from the process has had a huge impact on our organization – saving time and effort. The team at Exceeda has the unique ability to break down a very complex process into manageable components that otherwise would seem overwhelming to tackle. They take the time and enjoy mentoring and teaching those willing to learn the process. We look forward to future working sessions with Exceeda.

The lean methodology approach to continuous improvement is best exemplified by Exceeda’s ability to understand Millard’s process flow and the best way to improve it. Their years of experience in manufacturing operations, gives them the ability to quickly recognize operational processes and inefficiencies at all levels. The outstanding demeanor of their staff with all employees gives them the ability to empower change and ensures the overall success and sustainability of the Lean initiatives. Millard has noticed a visceral impact on the organization and cleanliness of shop floor through a vigorous “6S” program. Kaizen events have changed the entire work flow process eliminating unnecessary transportation of material, over-production and over-processing. All lean elements that have been implemented have given Millard an edge in the market place by improving “on-time” delivery to our customers. I would highly recommend Exceeda Consulting to any size business that wants to develop a clear direction and maximize their operational efficiencies.

Exceeda’s efforts with our team have become the genesis for transforming production within our company. The analysis they produced gave us a roadmap for success. I believe Exceeda’s participation in executing the plan will render the outcome we need in a short period of time. We are off to a great start!

After seeing the success of other organizations along with the frustration of seeing the same results within our company, we wanted to use Lean methodologies to transform our company’s internal processes and culture. Exceeda was engaged to bring us through this demanding process. They provided a hands-on, simple and methodical approach to the Lean transformation process. Through their coaching and engagement of our workforce in lean thinking, we were able to identify waste in our organization. They have provided support that is not just focused on implementing a tool, but on building a culture that will be so important to our sustained success. While the immediate cost savings generated from the work has been exciting, perhaps the most rewarding aspect is to see the transformation from a reactive culture to a proactive thinking culture, something that will provide us sustained performance.

Exceeda Consulting was one of the easiest ‘consultants’ that I have ever had experience working with… good insight and focus on sustainable change. They had strong interpersonal skills that related to solid team management and task facilitation while being very aware and considerate of the needs of the business. Exceeda knows how to keep things simple and generates lasting impact!

Before engaging Exceeda Consulting, I thought our operation was operating as lean as possible; I was proven wrong. Through their vision and ability to navigate complex issues, we were able to rearrange our warehouse; eliminating the need to rent outside space. We were also successful in streamlining some excess capacity in other areas by changing to manufacturing cells. Exceeda has the ability to relate to people from the production floor to the executive ranks. I recommend Exceeda Consulting!

When we were getting started with Lean, we weren’t quite sure how the concepts that came out of manufacturing could apply to us. Exceeda has helped our organization adapt the Lean tools and techniques to fit both our low volume/high mix manufacturing and electrical contractor service business. Exceeda is an excellent partner in our Lean journey… delivering a sustainable program by teaching our team the needed skills to make continuous improvement part of our culture.

During Exceeda’s 6 month lean engagement, our sales grew by 350%, our employee count doubled and our productivity increased by 203%. We simply could not have done it without Exceeda. They were able to quickly identify a plan AND adapt it as our growth exploded. More importantly, Exceeda employees had the guts to challenge me when I had to make tough choices about short term increased profits versus sustained productivity over the long term. After interviewing 4 of the best regional lean experts, we chose Exceeda because we got both the best lean consultants and a great executive coach.

It has been a pleasure working with Exceeda Consulting on our Lean implementation. They have taken the time to learn our business and understand our people, which allowed them to develop a program specific to our needs. As a result, our implementation has gone extremely well. We have also been impressed with their teaching approach to the engagement; instead of our success being dependent on their involvement, our success has come from our staff utilizing the elements they learned from the Exceeda team. Our experience with Exceeda has been excellent and we would highly recommend them to any business looking to implement Lean.

We needed to take our company to the next level and to help us achieve our goal we needed to enhance our throughput, become more efficient and communicate more effectively throughout the organization. Exceeda has significantly enhanced our success in obtaining increased manufacturing throughput and efficiency as well as a culture of employee empowerment. We have learned how to analyze our processes and streamline our procedures which have enhanced our ability to quickly respond to our customers. Exceeda is experienced, enthusiastic and respectful. I highly recommend Exceeda and know that they can help you take your company and employees to the next level of success.

Exceeda was able to ‘see’ our company and ‘understand’ our business model and help us from the top of the organization all the way down. They have the experience and knowledge to show how to implement Lean throughout the organization. They are excellent at guiding the transfer of knowledge and follow through on implementation. This is not an overnight event …it takes time and Exceeda takes the time to ensure a successful and sustainable business transformation.

Exceeda took the time to learn and understand Atrion before recommending the Lean solutions for our environment. They understood not only the pain points of the business but, the uniqueness of how we engage with our clients. They were able to look internal at our operation and blend both our needs and the customer’s needs when applying Lean methods and continuous improvement initiatives. Exceeda quickly became part of the team by listening to our team members, applying what they heard and making it a truly collaborative process.

Our experience working with Exceeda was excellent, they really opened our eyes to the power of Lean. Throughout our Lean implementation, Exceeda was committed to us, always had our best interest at heart and were excellent at keeping us focused. We had a great rapport with them as they transitioned from role of teacher to coach. As a result of our experience with Exceeda, our employees feel truly ‘plugged in’ and are empowered to offer suggestions to continually improve our company. Our staff is on a perpetual path to always get better.

Exceeda has a very comfortable style and approach. It was important to us that everyone in our organization from front office executives to the shop floor be comfortable with our partner. Exceeda had both the operational experience and Lean knowledge that were vital to our implementation success. Their ‘team’ methodology was extremely successful in our organization to truly reap the benefits and rewards of Lean initially and going forward. By creating cross-functional teams to solve problems, we were able to build a Lean culture across the organization.

Exceeda’s philosophy of training and coaching truly excited us. They were strong leaders that helped guide us through our lean transformation. Exceeda enabled us through training and stepping back when required, acting as a coach, to build our own internal strength and Lean philosophies into our company culture.

Working with Exceeda was very refreshing. When the Exceeda team came in to work with our organization they were immediately a member of our team and fit into our culture. Exceeda was a cultural chameleon… they became active team members and helped guide our employees as peers and colleagues instead of a typical consultant that stands above without reproach. There is a difference between a consultant and a coach – Exceeda was truly a coach to our team members allowing them to make mistakes, grow and develop lessons learned. As a true partner to our organization, they helped us navigate our lean journey together by educating and empowering us to make the changes in our organization.

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