How we do it

We are coaches, mentors, facilitators and implementers leading business process improvement using Lean and Six Sigma tools, techniques and methodology. In the work environment, collaboration and cooperation are an essential element and we use a multi-disciplined and team based approach to implementing our process. We believe that our work must produce measurable financial results, for alignment our work must be tied directly to your strategic plan. Developing subject matter experts is critical to sustainability making knowledge transfer to your team is a top priority. We keep it simple!

The four “How We Do It” steps:

  • Identify the Opportunities

    We assess how your organization gets things done, work with you to identify a baseline, and then identify where Lean can have an impact.

  • Design the Solution

    We will train your people to “think Lean,” and develop a road map, which will provide the most direct route to where you need to be.

  • Implement the Solution

    Deploy a model process to showcase the success of Lean principles. Then a phased rollout, which requires a multi-step process that entails mentoring, facilitation, knowledge transfer, and joint implementation with your team.

  • Stay Involved

    As you meet your business objectives and improve your performance, it is very important to keep the momentum going and sustain the improvements.

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