• Lean Transformation and you

    Providing people the tools and opportunity to contribute ideas and make improvements on a regular basis is critical for a lean operation. It is the process of continuous improvement that eliminates waste.

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  • Lean Transformation guides the way

    Helping you navigate your lean journey together by educating and empowering you to make the changes in your organization. Facilitating cross-functional project teams to identify and initiate change is what drives results.

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  • Lean Transformation and your team

    Our staff is on a perpetual path to always get better. By creating cross-functional teams to solve problems, you have the capabilities to build a Lean culture across your entire organization for increased productivity and profitability.

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  • Lean Sigma eliminates waste

    Creating specific characteristics within your organization is the genesis for transforming production and eliminating waste and redundancies. Our detailed analysis and data driven approach create a roadmap for success.

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People. Process. Technology.

01. Lean Transformation

We are experts in implementing lean and six sigma tools, techniques and methodologies to maximize value and minimize waste in business processes to provide the greatest opportunity for profit improvement.

02. Lean Office and Paperless Systems

Make Every Second Count to Improve Profitability. Using proven Lean tools and techniques, we can teach you to eliminate bottlenecks and business waste in your office environment.

03. Lean Sigma

Implement “Six Sigma” methodology focused on eliminating defects in any process using a disciplined, data driven approach.

04. Fast and Focused

Kaizen means “change for the better” and is a fast and focused team-based improvement activity on a process. It is used to quickly identify and remove waste for improving efficiency and productivity in your business.

05. Project Management

With our certified project management professionals and business analysts we can work with your team to successfully manage your projects. Using proven project management methods and strategies we can reduce your risks, cut costs, and improve the overall success of your project.

About Exceeda

At Exceeda Consulting, we believe only people raise the bar by continually improving processes. Technology supports it, so people can raise it again. We are professional and experienced business consultants specializing in business process improvement using lean, Six Sigma and theory of constraint methodologies. Serving businesses both domestically and internationally, we develop and implement solutions that guide the continuous profitable growth of our clients.

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