lean transformation



We needed to take our company to the next level and to help us achieve our goal we needed to enhance our throughput, become more efficient and communicate more effectively throughout the organization. Exceeda has significantly enhanced our success in obtaining increased manufacturing throughput and efficiency as well as a culture of employee empowerment. We have learned how to analyze our processes and streamline our procedures which have enhanced our ability to quickly respond to our customers. Exceeda is experienced, enthusiastic and respectful. I highly recommend Exceeda and know that they can help you take your company and employees to the next level of success.

--Rick Berger, President, Magnetic Seal Corporation

Lean Transformation

Use "LEAN TOOLS" to maximize value and minimize waste in all business processes to provide the greatest opportunity for profit improvement.

Apply "THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS" to analyze the organization as a system to maximize performance in the areas of key constraints.

Use "PROCESS MAPPING" to analyze work processes visually and identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

Design a "VISUAL WORKPLACE" to allow for accurate and efficient bi-directional information flow to inform, alert and motivate the workforce.

Guide "WORKFORCE ALIGNMENT" by eliminating work silos and drive cross-functional cooperation to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Employ dedicated "CROSS-FUNCTIONAL PROJECT TEAMS" to facilitate change and drive results.

Design "WORK CELL" layouts to create efficiency and flexibility with workers organized into "MULTI-SKILLED TEAMS."

Use "KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPI'S)" to define and measure progress toward organizational goals using quantifiable measures.